Marketing Through the Digital Route: An Entrepreneur’s Delight

    Marketing Through the Digital Route: An Entrepreneur’s Delight

Mumbai, May 26 : If you are an entrepreneur desiring to adopt digital marketing in your business, there are indeed a number of questions that you need to address in order to choose the right course of action. What do you wish to achieve out of this exercise? The majority will say that they wish to gain maximum reach for their brand or the basket of brands in the shortest timeframe while investing least amount of money.

The key 3 key issues mentioned above – maximum reach for your brand, shortest timeframe and least money spent are largely contradictory. It is indeed true that Digital Media offers a marketer an opportunity to capture the mind space of the consumer cheaper than traditional media. However, as an entrepreneur, you need to have the concepts and road maps of digital marketing clear in your mind before you tread the path.

For example, you need to decide, what does your brand need at this moment – impression or conversion? It will depend on where your brand stands now. Each decision is strategic as it has the potential to change the entire course of action. Another question is how to create an effective but cheaper website. How to bring traffic to that website?  How to measure traffic there? Is your website design appropriate to the audience you are targeting? The third question revolves around creating your brand image. How can one create the brand image – what are the attributes of your brand? What is the image that you wish to create in the psychographics of our audience?

The next part is to promote your brand. How would you prefer to promote it? If you choose online display advertisements, there are numerous options. Which type of ads you will opt for? Or do you wish to use Google AdWords to create your brand salience or visibility?

Then is the question to choose the medium to deliver information. For deciding, you need to have a deeper understanding of your audience. Who are they? Where are they located? When and how they consume information. Is she a millennial, checking her smartphone frequently or is he a retired veteran who checks his email once in a day? What phone apps your target audience use? The last question is important for you to decide how you wish to leverage your marketing penny for advertising through mobile apps.

If your potential consumers are on email, what kind of emails do they read? Are they on Google or Apple platforms? What kind of subject line will appeal to them? Are they students, middle-aged professionals or house wives? Do your messages have any applicability for them? You need to refresh your database periodically and check on the bounce rate.  If you are facing high levels of people unsubscribing your email database, it is time to rethink your email strategy.

Another huge opportunity lies in social media for publicizing your brand – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat just to name a few. The bottom line is if you are an entrepreneur, you have numbers of options to choose from. You need to aware of the choices you make and why.

“With in-house expert faculty members, ably supported by digital practitioners from the industry, Ramoji Krian Universe’s (RKU) one-year post-graduate diploma in digital and social media marketing prepares learners for both roles – as digital managers of other organizations and as digital brand custodian of their own businesses,” said Prof. Ujjwal K. Chowdhury, the Director of RKU, who was earlier the Dean of Symbiosis and Amity Universities.

RKU, situated inside the Ramoji Film City (RFC) campus near Hyderabad, helps entrepreneurs to develop digi-social media skills so that you can apply the same in your day-to-day marketing and branding. The latest curriculum helps one to get acquainted with the up to date technologies, mediums and mode in order to digitally enable one.